Thursday 4th April  9am - 4pm -Council House Nottingham
An Epic Day of Practical Business Insight
Real Business Owners Sharing What Really Works
Back for its third year, ‘The Game Changers Live’ is a unique one day conference about the craft of finding new customers and scaling business, from people who are doing it for themselves every day.

The Game Changers Live is an epic opportunity to hear real business owners who have built strong, profitable businesses, sharing with you how they have done it. 
An Epic Day of Practical Business Insight
"Real Business Owners Sharing What Really Works"
Back for its third year, ‘The Game Changers Live’ is a unique one day conference about the craft of finding new customers and scaling business, from people who are doing it for themselves every day.

The Game Changers Live is an epic opportunity to hear real business owners who have built strong, profitable businesses, sharing with you how they have done it. 
"Game Changers Live is the single most useful event I have ever been to. It is just so refreshing to hear from ordinary business owners what is actually helping businesses like mine to make more money.

Just one of the ideas I picked up at last year's event was worth almost £11,000 to my business!” 

Steve Phillips
Let’s talk about YOUR business.
We know you’re proud of what you offer. We get just how many hours you put in. We understand about the tears and fears and the sheer hard graft to keep all the plates spinning.

What if you heard what was making a difference in real businesses? Forget the gurus with their improbable promises and impossible targets. Our speakers will share their real life experiences from their real world businesses.

We have put together an exciting line-up of business owners, who have all made their mark in their field. They would be the first to admit it's not all been plain sailing but they’ve lived to tell the tale and have reaped exceptional rewards.

The Game Changers Live event is your opportunity to side-step their years of ‘learning the hard way’ and leave the conference with real strategies to find, keep and excite new customers.
Your takeaways:
   The latest marketing ideas ready to copy and deploy.
   Day-to-day habits that will transform your ability to attract customers.
   Ways of thinking and working that will maximise your time.
   A clear idea of what is working now and how to do it.
As business owners ourselves, we are always looking to learn more. We have actively sought out local business owners - with the same resources as us – willing to share what they are doing and why.

That was the inspiration behind our best selling book, The Game Changers, the foundation of this live event.  
“Game Changers will redefine how you market and promote your business. You will realise you’re just a short step away from becoming more successful. You’ll enjoy the journey it takes you on too!

Game Changers is highly recommended to all business owners who wish to move their business forward with proven, effective techniques.” 

John Bestwick
The Speakers
Business Owner, Video Marketing Expert, Seth Godin Mentor and Founder of Apricot Video Marketing
Business Owner, Founder of RSViP, writer, facilitator & trainer.
Business Owners Strategists and host of the hugely popular "The Strategy Sessions" You Tube Show
Business Owner, Founder of Onify, Ex Director of Just Eat and CEO of Fill My Belly
Business Owner, Founder and Chief Copywriter at
Crescent Copywriting.
Business Owner, Ex Royal Navy Engineer, Founder & Owner of Skylight Media
Do you have $5 million?
That's the cost of a 30 second ad during the half time of this year's Superbowl...  Whilst some would say that is good value for the the amount of people to see it, for the rest of us it doesn't really matter what we think as it is a strategy we are just not going to use. always, there is plenty to take from the "concept" of what the likes of Skittles, Intel and Snickers spend their money on but the reality is it's really hard to see how to convert that into your day to day business.


What about the local interior design shop who spends £50 a month on Facebook ads and has created a steady stream of new business bringing in an average of £2000 a month?

Or the Plumber who turned his blog into regular cold hard customers?

Would it be useful to hear their story? What  they did? 

Don't get us wrong learning from the"big guys" is vital, their stories inspire us every day to push on but don't forget what the "real" guys just down the road are doing.

And it's those kind of stories and actions we'll be sharing on the day...

Do you have a £1m marketing budget?
For the average business owner, TV advertising and nationwide billboard posters is neither affordable or necessary.

The Game Changers is your opportunity to get the inside track on what the independent coffee shop owner down the road is doing and how they’re making it work. No doubt, their strategies and processes are infinitely more affordable to you and your business.

It's those kind of stories we'll be sharing on the day...

We have hand-picked a small number of business owners with a real story.
We are not going to blind you with science. Our speakers rather have demonstrated success in their field and will share their expertise with you in true confidence that their strategies work.   
Amir Bazrafshan
Video Marketing Expert, Seth Godin Mentor and Founder of Apricot Video Marketing
He says...
Amir runs Apricot, an agency that creates video campaigns stimulating client growth. Prior to launching the business, he worked in film distribution, devising marketing strategies for both cinematic and straight to DVD releases. Away from Apricot, he’s coached on Seth Godin’s altMBA program and studies persuasion and the related fields in depth.

We say...
You don't get to work with People like Seth Godin with out being smart and Amir is one of the smartest people we know!  His rapidly growing business is fed by him creating unique approaches to the right people in a consistent and inspiring way.
"Amir is a highly effective marketer and businessperson. He is a deep, strategic thinker, and is also more than willing to roll up his sleeves if needed to get the job done."
Eric Moeller - Product Director, Sage
Fiona Duncan-Steer
Business Owner, Founder of RSViP, writer, facilitator & trainer.
She says...
Fiona has been running events for over 10 years and is the founding director of what is arguably the East Midlands most successful business network - RSViP Business Network Social.  Down to earth and brilliantly connected she has become the go to person for East Midlands based businesses who want to get connected with the right people, have their venues seen and their events filled

We say...
Fiona is a force of nature, In creating RSVIP she has done something the "National / well known / well funded" networking businesses would kill to try and achieve - getting well over 100 people in a room every month to network AND want to be there.  
"Fiona is quite something - what she has done and how she has done it puts the big guys to shame."
- Paul Chapman
Tim and Paul
Strategists and host of the hugely popular "The Strategy Sessions" You Tube Show
They say...
Groing a business isn't a science - its about doing more of the right stuff.  You just need to know what the right, right stuff is for you and thats where we come in...

We say...
Tim and Paul have been called Geniuses and the "Most Sane People in Marketing"  - Both claims they refute.  But their straight talking style is winning them a lot of fans.  They'll be running their first ever live strategy session answering the questions people want answering - and almost certainly some they don't
"These guys are just brilliant, smart witty and too the point.  I've done the stuff I've learned from them and it genuinely makes me more money."
- Sarah Thomas
Bertie Cordingley
Ex Just Eat Director and Founder of Onify
He says...
Bertie Cordingley is an Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Founder of Onify who has spent years working with independent businesses to provide them with solutions for expanding their customer bases. He has worked closely within the takeaway industry, as an ex-Just Eat director and Fill My Belly CEO, and is now putting this knowledge towards the retail and food industries. 

We say...
In short Bertie is brilliant. Smart and funny and with a depth of knowledge beyond that of most business owners.  His experience of growing, selling and running both big and small businesses is unique and he'll be sharing the best of that with you.
"To put no finer point on it, these guys are awesome, they really know their stuff"
- Tim Elliott
Paul Chapman
Author Of "The Game Changers" and Founder of Marketing Jumpleads
He says...
Success is about about getting it done, pure and simple.  It's my job to do what ever I can to make sure that the only thing that HAS to happen to move a business on - its marketing - gets done

We say...
Fast paced, funny and full of creativity Paul is your man when you need an idea, a route forward or a good kick.

"Nothing prepared me for the energy, expertise and creativity that Paul evidently lived and breathed" 
- Ali Baylav
Jo Berthelot
Business Owner, Founder and Chief Copywriter at Crescent Copywriting.
She says...
With a passion for language and how it influences people, she produces targeted and engaging content for a range of marketing purposes. Having built her own business up over recent years with direct mail, Jo is a big fan of getting attention with a well-worded letter that comes with a little present (read 'bride'!) to make it memorable!  

We say...
Jo is everything we love about this event. A smart hardworking business owner who has grown her business nearly TEN FOLD over the last year by doing the right things.  And she'll be sharing those things with you on the day.
Simon Pryce
Business Owner, Ex Royal Navy Engineer, Founder & Owner of Skylight Media
He says...
Passion is what drives the Skylight, as we're only interested in ensuring your web or communication project becomes integral to your business and helps to bring you success through answering your brief, providing a robustly-programmed output and help you to develop it further, leading to better exposure, more enquiries or orders, happier customers and more of them.

We say...
Smart, intelligent, experienced and a great person to be around.  Simon has a huge depth of experienced in both what it takes to grow small businesses but also what needs to be done in today's climate to land big clients.

"Real Business Owners Sharing What Really Works"
What the event is NOT.
This is not one of those shiny, stick your hands up and repeat what I say events, (we've all been to those...we don't like those!)
 This is NOT a "Pitch Fest"
We've all been to those events too, a steady stream of "experts" telling you how "how I made £562,237 in just 3 minutes and you can do too, if you just give me your credit card details..."

No, no no,

This is a day for real business owners run by real business owners.  A day for learning and hanging out with people that know there isn't a short cut.
 This Is NOT Theory Based
The reality is that most speakers at most business events don’t have any ACTUAL experience of what it is like to run a business like YOURS.. So they can only teach you about how they do it with their deep pockets and large teams OR they can just espouse the theory of how they THINK it works...and that isn' useful.

However real business owners - just like - you sharing what they are actually doing in a business like yours is gold-dust
 This Is NOT a 'cut and paste' event
The speakers will all be sharing the real experiences of what they have done to grow their businesses.  They will give you a huge amount that you can take away and get started with, but like anything a simple copy and paste job doesn't guarantee the same results.  

If you are looking for a quick fix this is not it.

But if you are looking for a real plan, some proper direction and are happy to work hard and see it through - then we look forward to meeting you and shaking your hand on the day.
Discounts end in
Topping the Best Seller Charts the day it was launched The Game Changers has been described as "The Small Business Bible"  which is nice... but more importantly it has helped 100's of business owners see what is possible and what tools, techniques and opportunities that are out there to help them grow their businesses.

Written by business owners for business owners it 's packed full of "real world" strategies to help you grow your business into the business you want it to be.

But unlike other "business books" The Game Changers features powerful "very real" interviews by other business owners - sharing what they have done to move their businesses forward and what they believe makes the difference between what those that achieve what they want to achieve and those that don't.

“These guys are the real deal"
Clare McCabe - Purple Star Design
This event might just not be what you want or need.
This event is not for everyone...
We are not being clever here, for a lot of people this just isn't the event for them.

Here's why...
1) If you are looking for silver bullets, get rich quick ideas or "big name speakers" then Game Changers Live is NOT for you.  The whole is event is about the REALITY of running a business in the UK today.

Every speaker runs their own business and they be sharing what they are doing to get customers, drive leads and be in control of their future.

They are not quick routes to riches, or short cuts to a  big yacht, it is just them sharing what has worked for them.

if you are looking for a magic formula then we advise against booking as it could be along day...

2) The Game Changers Live is NOT free

The tickets cost money - not a lot - but more than nothing.  And that means that you are sharing a room with people that are as committed to their business success as you are and are not just there for a coffee and chat.
"I'm interested but let's cut to the chase and talk costs"

No bush beating here, we've all been to events like this - a full day with genuine experts sharing what they do and paid upwards of £500 for it and I think that is fair enough.

But as part of our the commitment I made as part of our Marketing Jumpleads business to help the business owners that really need the help,  so we want this to be accessible to everyone.

So a ticket to The Game Changers Live will cost you just £197

But if you are reading this then there are still one of the dicounted tickets available which offers a massive £50 discount - thats just £147 a ticket plus there are a whole load of bonuses, (worth well over £400)
25% OFF
So for a short while longer you can take a day out of your business just to work on it not IN it.

You can hear first hand from 5 other business owners just like you about what is making the difference in their business

And you can mix with and enhance your own community with other business owners who, just like you, are serious about doing what it takes to build a sustainable business that delivers a lifestyle.

And you can do it all for just £147

What if you just took one thing away from any of the 6 speakers and it got you just one customer - would that cover your £147?


1) BONUS ONE: Membership of Marketing Jumpleads (worth £69) for a full month, for you to take whenever you like.
This will give you complete access to a whole host of digital , video led, courses covering topics like, how to master social media and make money, not waste time. Plus you'll be part of a local community of business owners who get together round the table, help, support and keep each other on track and accountable.

As soon as you have booked your ticket we'll get in touch and invite you to join us round the table.

2) BONUS TWO: Chance to WIN a Mastermind Day with Paul Chapman (worth £479).

Everyone who books before 15th December will be also eligible to win a round-table Mastermind day. 5 winners will be picked and announced after the event. The collective power of six people working ON your business can be a game changer all on its own.  
Your 25% Discount Expires in:
I had such a good day at GameChangers 2018. The speakers were brilliant and I came away with loads of actions that have already been worth several thousand pounds.

But the best thing about the day were the people in the room , Paul knows how to grow an engaged community for sure 
- Tim Elliott
The Only Way to Get Results, is to Take Action...
But WHAT action?
What happens if you come?  

By attending The Game Changers Live you’ll hanging out with people that think like you, are driven like you and get what it’s like to want to actually, really, push their business forward not just turn up for breakfast once a week to see if anyone wants to do business with them. 

You will leave the event with a book full of ideas that you know work.

You’ll have the experience of real business owners who have achieved more than most, in your corner giving you their knowledge and sharing their story.

You’ll find out if there is anything that you are not doing that could add move your business forward. One good idea can change everything.

And if you don’t come?

In simple terms nothing.

It’s business as usual.

Nothing changes, same old same old.  

Your business will continue as is, no boats are rocked or extra profits found.

Nothing wrong with that…?

Well here is the challenge,  

The reality is that ALL the power these days lies with the customer. 

Your market – whatever it is - is crowded. Your prospects can find more people who do what you do easier and faster then ever before, so you have to tell your story better then the next guy. 

We don’t have a magic wand or a holster full of silver bullets but what we do have is real experience of building a business that delivers results. 

Want a different lifestyle?

A bigger business that you are proud of and that doesn’t consume every waking hour?

Surely it’s worth seeing WHAT you could do, to reshuffle the deck in your favour? 


We look forward to seeing you on the day. 

Our Supporters
We've picked some brilliant supporters to be part of Game Changers live 2018. Businesses that deliver something that is useful and relevant to businesses like yours - people that we know and trust and we think you should know too.
The Venue.
Right in the heart of Nottingham, City Hall is one of Nottingham's most iconic venues.  

Close to all transport links, surrounded by plentiful car parks and right in the middle of the city.

Not normally available to the public - as venues go we think you'll agree that it is both inspiring and pretty unique - and that is exactly what you'll get from the event too.
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