Thursday 22nd March  9am - 4pm - The Albert Hall Nottingham
Real Business Owners Sharing What Really Works
Let’s talk about YOUR business.

We know you’re proud of what you offer. We get just how many hours you put in. We understand about the tears and fears, the sheer hard graft to keep all the plates spinning. 

We also know that there is a hell of a lot of "noise" out there with every marketing man and his dog telling you what you should be doing.

But what if you heard what was REALLY making a difference in REAL businesses?

No "Gurus" with big teeth, no improbably rags to riches stories, no overwhelming, big budget ideas - just real world actions from real word business that have made a difference.

Back for its second year The Game Changers LIVE is a unique one day conference about the craft of finding new customers and scaling business, from people that are actually there doing for themselves - and others - every day.

We have put together exciting line-up of ‘real’ business owners, who have made their mark in their particular industry. They would be the first to admit it's not been plain sailing and they're not the finished article but, unlike most, they have made the entrepreneurial journey fun, successful and traded the long hours for exceptional results. 

These are real business owners really doing it for themselves.

Whilst it is always inspiring to hear what the Branson's of this world are doing the reality is for most business owners they just aren't in that world of multi-million pound budgets and huge teams to get it all done. That is why it is so important to hear it first hand from someone who is actually at the coal face.

Side step their years of ‘learning the hard way’ and leave the conference with real strategies to find, keep and excite new customers. 

You will leave with:
  • The latest marketing ideas ready to copy and deploy.
  •  Day-to-day habits and systems that will transform your ability to attract customers.  
  •  Ways of thinking and working that will value and maximise your time.
  • A clear Idea of WHAT IS WORKING NOW and how you can do it too.

New customers are, after all critical to your business success. You may create award-winning food, offer exceptional financial help or lead the field in your niche, but unless you know how to attract a steady stream of new customers you’ll struggle at best.  These guys are doing it for themselves and they'll share how they are doing it with you.

Running a business doesn’t have to be a constant struggle or a weight around your neck.  And some business owners working in your town or niche right now are killing it. 

As business owners ourselves we are always looking to learn what is working and more often than not that means we look past the "big guys".   We seek out what real business owners - people with the same resources as us - are doing, how they are doing it and why.

That was the driver behind our best selling book, The Game Changers and the foundation of this live event. 

The un-told stories. 

We wanted to speak to real business owners, hard-working business owners and find out what they were doing to make the difference. And crucially we wanted to share their success strategies – a normally un-told story – with other entrepreneurs to help them do the same. 

With the huge range of marketing options available it can feel really frustrating trying to pick the right tools and direction.

That is why it is so important to hear first hand from those that are doing it well.

Loads of people bought our book (thank you) and it became a best seller, which was genuinely quite humbling. But more importantly it hit a nerve. People really wanted to see what other business owners like them were doing to grow their business. 

Not business owners with million pound budgets.

Not entrepreneurs with huge teams to handle each separate part of their business for them.

Not gurus claiming they made £147,264 in just 3 weeks… 

Just real “normal” business owners sharing what they are doing to make more money and not fire-fighting every waking hour.  

Game Changers will redefine how you market and promote your business

Game Changers will redefine how you market and promote your business. You will learn how you are just a short step away from becoming much more successful AND enjoying the journey it takes you on too! Highly recommended to all business owners who wish to move their business forward with proven,
effective techniques.”         John Bestwick
The Speakers
Mark Asquith
Business Owner, Founder of Excellence Expected and Podcast Websites
Victoria Taylor
Business Owner, Social Strategist and Creative, Head of Digital at Untwisted Media
Ross Davies
Business Owner, Award Winning Website Designer and Web Conversion Specialist
Paul Chapman
Business Owner, Author, Speaker and Founder of Marketing Jumpleads
Mark Graham
Business Owner, Voice Coach, and the man who has increased his prices by 695% in just 4 years.
Colin Bradford
Business Owner, Multi-Award Winning Founder of Magical Maths Franchise
Phylecia Jones
Business owner, Budgetologist and self proclaimed money nerd
Do you have $5 million?
That's the cost of a 30 second ad during the half time of this year's Superbowl...  Whilst some would say that is good value for the the amount of people to see it, for the rest of us it doesn't really matter what we think as it is a strategy we are just not going to use. always, there is plenty to take from the "concept" of what the likes of Skittles, Intel and Snickers spend their money on but the reality is it's really hard to see how to convert that into your day to day business.


What about the local interior design shop who spends £50 a month on Facebook ads and has created a steady stream of new business bringing in an average of £2000 a month?

Or the Plumber who turned his blog into regular cold hard customers?

Would it be useful to hear their story? What  they did? 

Don't get us wrong learning from the"big guys" is vital, their stories inspire us every day to push on but don't forget what the "real" guys just down the road are doing.

And it's those kind of stories and actions we'll be sharing on the day...

“These guys are the very definition of a guru free zone..”
We've hand picked a small number of business owners with a real story and real expertise in their field.  Some are into 7 figures some aren't - but that's not really the point.  

This is about people who have built themselves sustainable business by taking action and doing the right things.  We are not going to call it rocket science but each and every business owner is a leader in their field - they haven't got there by accident which means they can share their expertise with you - and you know what they are saying works.  Today.
Mark Asquith
Business Owner, Founder of Excellence Expected and Podcast Websites.
He says...
I help people cut through the noise of running a business by providing tools, resources & media to help you validate, launch and grow your business from the ground up. I promise to give you straight-talking, actionable steps to starting & growing your business.

We say...
Straight talking, smart, honest and funny Mark is the complete embodiment of what business ownership should be like.

"Yeah, in case you are wondering Mark Asquith is THAT good"
- Simon Thomas
Victoria Taylor
Business Owner, Social Strategist and Creative, Head of Digital at Untwisted Media
She says...
Victoria is founder and chief digital strategist of Untwisted Media, with over 10 years experience in online marketing, sales and training. Her strategies have been implemented by personal brands, personalities, bloggers, B2C and B2B clients.

We say...
Vikki is one of those rare people who really gets HOW to use Digital media in today's world and what it takes to create campaigns that make real money.  She'll be sharing the process behind her recent campaign for a local venue that changed the way they did business.  It also changed staff culture and created new job roles, sold out multiple events and returned an exponential number of sales that continues to rise.
It's simple Victoria has delivered for us on our Digital Marketing.  She's class act - minus the jargon"
- Selva Muthalagappan
Mark Graham
The Business Owner who has increased his prices by 695% in 4 years.
He says...
I believe that your business should be a reflection of the way you want your life to be. Your business should fit around your life, NOT the other way around. Far too many business owners don’t get this, and avoid ever facing up to the joy-sucking monster their business has become - this needs to change. I’ll be talking you through just a few of the techniques I’ve developed to make my business deliver my desired lifestyle at Gamechangers Live 2018.

We say...
Mark is unlike any other business owner we know. His focus on what his business needs to deliver for him is an example to us all. He'll be sharing not just why he's he been able to raise his prices whilst continuing to get new customers but also specifically HOW he's done it. He'll give you the actual steps you need to go to charge what you really want to and why your customers will love you for it.
"Listening to Mark was really useful. It really crystallises for me what we need to do to charge higher prices and sell our value with confidence.
- Jo Bonsor
Ross Davies
Award Winning Web Designer and Web Conversion Expert
He says...
Ross Davies is the Managing Director for Strafe Creative, a design company with a conscience.  He's a results-driven, creative and technically minded professional who works with Managing Directors and Marketing Directors to increase the number of leads that come from their websites. 

We say...
Ross is  very much back by popular demand. His session last year on the 'hacks' big companies uses to convert more people via their websites, caught the imagination of many in the room and helped them make big (and small) changes to their websites which in turn made big changes to to their business.

"To put no finer point on it, these guys are awesome, they really know their stuff"
- Tim Elliott
Paul Chapman
Author Of "The Game Changers" and Founder of Marketing Jumpleads
He says...
Success is about about getting it done, pure and simple.  It's my job to do what ever I can to make sure that the only thing that HAS to happen to move a business on - its marketing - gets done

We say...
Fast paced, funny and full of creativity Paul is your man when you need an idea, a route forward or a good kick.

"Nothing prepared me for the energy, expertise and creativity that Paul evidently lived and breathed" 
- Ali Baylav
Colin Bradford
Multi-Award Winning Founder of Magical Maths Franchise
He says...
Colin started Magical Maths in September 2011. By February 2014 he launched it as a national franchise, and by December that year it was the fastest growing franchise in the UK, with a staggering 66 territories being opened in just 10 months. 

We say...
Colin is a very smart, (and genuinley nice) guy and the very epitome of a real business owner.  Magical Maths now helps tens of thousands of primary children to LOVE their maths each year. At game changers he'll be sharing the top 3 strategies that achieved this explosive growth AND 1 stunningly simply method for cutting your workload by 75% whilst you're at it...

Phylecia Jones
Business owner, Budgetologist and self proclaimed money nerd
She says...
There are no silly questions when it comes to understanding your money inside of your business. I love having real conversations with solo entrepreneurs about what it takes to be successful with managing that very thin line of business and personal finances. During our time together, you will walk away with new way to look at your finances, along with a solid plan and system to manage your money, budget, and time.

We say...
We are pretty excited about Phylecia joining us - she's coming all the way from America to do so and she's tackling that subject most business owners shy away from - how to properly handle your budgets and your money

Real Business Owners Sharing What Really Works.
What the event is NOT.
This is not one of those shiny, stick your hands up and repeat what I say events, (we've all been to those...we don't like those!)
 This is NOT a "Pitch Fest"
We've all been to those events too, a steady stream of "experts" telling you how "how I made £562,237 in just 3 minutes and you can do too, if you just give me your credit card details..."

No, no no,

This is a day for real business owners run by real business owners.  A day for learning and hanging out with people that know there isn't a short cut.
 This Is NOT Theory Based
The reality is that most speakers at most business events don’t have any ACTUAL experience of what it is like to run a business like YOURS.. So they can only teach you about how they do it with their deep pockets and large teams OR they can just espouse the theory of how they THINK it works...and that isn' useful.

However real business owners - just like - you sharing what they are actually doing in a business like yours is gold-dust
 This Is NOT a 'cut and paste' event
The speakers will all be sharing the real experiences of what they have done to grow their businesses.  They will give you a huge amount that you can take away and get started with, but like anything a simple copy and paste job doesn't guarantee the same results.  

If you are looking for a quick fix this is not it.

But if you are looking for a real plan, some proper direction and are happy to work hard and see it through - then we look forward to meeting you and shaking your hand on the day.
Discount ends in...
Topping the Best Seller Charts the day it was launched The Game Changers has been described as "The Small Business Bible"  which is nice... but more importantly it has helped 100's of business owners see what is possible and what tools, techniques and opportunities that are out there to help them grow their businesses.

Written by business owners for business owners it 's packed full of "real world" strategies to help you grow your business into the business you want it to be.

But unlike other "business books" The Game Changers features powerful "very real" interviews by other business owners - sharing what they have done to move their businesses forward and what they believe makes the difference between what those that achieve what they want to achieve and those that don't.

“These guys are the real deal"
Clare McCabe - Purple Star Design
This event might just not be what you want or need.
This event is not for everyone...
We are not being clever here, for a lot of people this just isn't the event for them.

Here's why...
1) If you are looking for silver bullets, get rich quick ideas or "big name speakers" then Game Changers Live is NOT for you.  The whole is event is about the REALITY of running a business in the UK today.

Every speaker runs their own business and they be sharing what they are doing to get customers, drive leads and be in control of their future.

They are not quick routes to riches, or short cuts to a  big yacht, it is just them sharing what has worked for them.

if you are looking for a magic formula then we advise against booking as it could be along day...

2) The Game Changers Live is NOT free

The tickets cost money - not a lot - but more than nothing.  And that means that you are sharing a room with people that are as committed to their business success as you are and are not just there for a coffee and chat.
"I'm interested but let's cut to the chase and talk costs"

No bush beating here, we've all been to events like this - a full day with genuine experts sharing what they do and paid upwards of £500 for it and I think that is fair enough.

But as part of our the commitment I made as part of our Marketing Jumpleads business to help the business owners that really need the help,  so we want this to be accessible to everyone.

So a ticket to The Game Changers Live will cost you just £167

But if you are reading this then we are still offering the unique "early bird price" which offers a massive £80 discount - thats just £107 a ticket plus there are a whole load of bonuses, (worth well over £400)
36% OFF
So for a short while longer you can take a day out of your business just to work on it not IN it.

You can hear first hand from 5 other business owners just like you about what is making the difference in their business

And you can mix with and enhance your own community with other business owners who, just like you, are serious about doing what it takes to build a sustainable business that delivers a lifestyle.

And you can do it all for just £107

What if you just took one thing away from any of the 5 speakers and it got you just one customer - would that cover your £107?


1) BONUS ONE: Membership of Marketing Jumpleads (worth £69) for a full month, for you to take whenever you like.
This will give you complete access to a whole host of digital , video led, courses covering topics like, how to master social media and make money, not waste time. Plus you'll be part of a local community of business owners who get together round the table, help, support and keep each other on track and accountable.

As soon as you have booked your ticket we'll get in touch and invite you to join us round the table.

2) BONUS TWO: Chance to WIN a Mastermind Day with Paul Chapman (worth £479).

Everyone who books before 15th December will be also eligible to win a round-table Mastermind day. 5 winners will be picked and announced after the event. The collective power of six people working ON your business can be a game changer all on its own.  

Your 36% Discount Expires in:
I had such a good day at GameChangers 2017. The speakers were brilliant and I came away with loads of things that I could implement easily into my business that will make a big difference.

But the best thing about the day were the people in the room , Paul knows how to grow an engaged community for sure 
- Tim Elliott
The Only Way to Get Results, is to Take Action...
But WHAT action?
What happens if you come?  

By attending The Game Changers Live you’ll hanging out with people that think like you, are driven like you and get what it’s like to want to actually, really, push their business forward not just turn up for breakfast once a week to see if anyone wants to do business with them. 

You will leave the event with a book full of ideas that you know work.

You’ll have the experience of real business owners who have achieved more than most, in your corner giving you their knowledge and sharing their story.

You’ll find out if there is anything that you are not doing that could add move your business forward. One good idea can change everything.

And if you don’t come?

In simple terms nothing.

It’s business as usual.

Nothing changes, same old same old.  

Your business will continue as is, no boats are rocked or extra profits found.

Nothing wrong with that…?

Well here is the challenge,  

The reality is that ALL the power these days lies with the customer. 

Your market – whatever it is - is crowded. Your prospects can find more people who do what you do easier and faster then ever before, so you have to tell your story better then the next guy. 

We don’t have a magic wand or a holster full of silver bullets but what we do have is real experience of building a business that delivers results. 

Want a different lifestyle?

A bigger business that you are proud of and that doesn’t consume every waking hour?

Surely it’s worth seeing WHAT you could do, to reshuffle the deck in your favour? 


We look forward to seeing you on the day. 

Our Supporters
We've picked some brilliant supporters to be part of Game Changers live 2018. Businesses that deliver something that is useful and relevant to businesses like yours - people that we know and trust and we think you should know too.
Pure Offices
They say.
As one of the UK’s most forward-thinking serviced office providers. Pure Offices own and manage office space in 20 major locations across the UK.
Whether you’re a start-up or global business, looking for a first home or a regional satellite office – our offices are contemporary, flexible, well-specified and affordable.

Pure Offices Nottingham are based at the heart of a dynamic and growing business community in the East Midlands. Just off J27 of the M1 on Sherwood Business Park and adjoining the Mour Hotel, we offer a range of small to medium sized offices which can accommodate up to 25 people along with co-working space and meeting rooms. All of our offices are available on inclusive, monthly rolling agreements with only 5 steps to take before moving day. We provide free parking, excellent broadband and telephone services along with an onsite team, meaning you can concentrate on your business, whilst we take care of the rest.

We say...
Having "proper" space to work is entirely crucial for any business to develop.  We've not come across offices like Pure Offices before, yes they have high quality space and facilities but the team there have also managed to create a real community feel to it, so whether it is your first office or your fifth you have a great space with great people around you - and that's how businesses grow. 

Have a look at what they do here and watch their video here
Leicester Business Expo
They say.
Leicester Business Expo is Leicester's premier B2B trade show. 27th September at King Power Stadium (LCFC).  

It's a great day of business-growth networking, seminars, connections and meetups.  
100 exhibitors and an expected footfall of nearly 1000 delegates.

Come and exhibit or just as a delegate, it'll be great to see you there.

We say...
In our increasingly digital world, actually meeting real people is more powerful (and profitable) than it has ever been.  As regular attendees and exhibitors the Leicester Business Expo has delivered every time we have been there

Find out how you can be there here
The Venue.
Right in the heart of Nottingham, we are back at the historic Albert Hall for this unique event.

Close to all transport links, surrounded by plentiful car parks and just a few minutes walk from the centre of town.

As venues's go we think you'll agree that it is both inspiring and pretty unique - and that is exactly what you'll get from the event too.
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